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Our group seeks to disseminate knowledge and make new partnerships. Last week we held a meeting with Juliana Lima, pedagogue and director of Instituto Aldeia, the 1st Collaborative Educational Hub of Niterói/RJ, Brazil.

Instituto Aldeia is a private institute articulator of local networks of educational support and educational entrepreneurship. In this sense, it is an institute for research and dissemination of experiences, services and educational initiatives undertaken by people who wish to improve access and the right to education.


In our meeting we exchanged ideas about Smart City theme dissemination for basic education of fundamental school. Thus, we discussed about how is it possible to bring this theme discussions for students and teachers? In front of this talk, Instituto Aldeia defined a new thematic for organizing activities: “Innovative Technologies and Educative Society”.

We are pleased to exchange knowledge and meet incredible projects such as the Instituto Aldeia. Check some of their works here: